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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

(MAG INTERVIEW) DJ Millz the CEO of The Southern Takeover Music Group...(say go DJ)

DJ Millz the CEO of The Southern Takeover Music Group...(say go DJ)
When I was thinking about doing the music article for Fly Geeks Society Magazine I knew I wanted a DJ and I knew I wanted someone who was passionate about there craft. I fell in love with the sets he was doing when he started Hoody Season, then came the mixtape with The Real B-Stacks! Not to mention he won the "Rookie Of The Year" award at the Salute to The DJ's awards show that took place in ATL this year! But in the Hip Hop community he is no rookie...This man works more then anyone I have seen in the game...other then Diddy..I respect this hustle and grind. I remember when he used to DJ at local parties around the area where we grew up... so just to get a ounce of his time to even grace us with an interview is a blessing!
1. Who is DJ Millz?
The Ceo/DJ Of Southern Takeover Music Group, Official dj for Tana (Montana Da Mac) Ceo of Str8Cash/NoChange Muzik & La Chat (Former 3 6 Mafia Member) Ceo Of Dime A Dozen Ent.,Dj Millz Is A 5 Time Nominated DJ In 2 Years Winning Rookie Of The Year At The 2012 Salute the Djs Award Show In Atlanta,Ga
2. Who inspired you to want to make good music!
Alot Of Independent & Underground Artist, Dj Smallz, Dj Drama
3. Who are you listening to right know thats in rotation?
DJ Millz Mixtapes, Alley Boy and the whole DTE, Wiz Khalifa, Tana, Rick Ross, Meek Millz, 2Chainz, Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, Rich Kids, Young Dro, Cash Out, La Chat, Paperchasin Gio, Josie,Koko, Future, Stuey Rock, Yo Gotti, Young Ralph, Young Jeezy, Rocko, Dirty Dave, and,Travis Porter!!!
4. What are your goals for 2012/2013 for Southern Takeover Music Group?
Steady Grinding Makin Major Moves, Doing,Some Events,Throwing Partes, Breaking Artist, Really Introducing Our Artist Thats On #STMG and Mifok Ent To The World!!!
5. Who makes up the Southern Takeover Music Group roster?
The First Rap Artist We Have Is Paperchasin Gio From Charlottesville, Va As An Artist And Producer. Our First Lady Of Southern Takeover Music Group Is Josie Ko Ko Straight Out Of Oklahoma City As An Artist And Song Writer. We also have Ceder Boy Meezy From Scottdale, Ga As A Rap Artist!!!!
6. My favorite mixtape was the Yung Joc presents: Swagg Team Mafia with DJ Millz and Ace Hood: Straight Gutta, How much involvement you had with those mixtapes?
Well Just Like The Rest Of My Mixtapes Im Pretty Much Involved With It 150% Lol, and I add the extra 50% For All The promo I Do and other avenues I go through to make sure any projects Im behind gets the proper exposure it needs Even without not being apart of Livemixtapes, But For The most part, If The Artist Do There Part As Far As Getting Me The Music and The Drops I Ask for them Everything Is 100!!! The Mixtapes I Do With The Major Artist Are Done Because I Met These Folks By myself with nobody introducing me to them at all, I made it my business to make it happen, im not scared to run up on dem and inform them that I would like to do some work and and be yourself, know what it is you wanna do, Know What You Talking about, Let folks Know whats needed from them, and be about What You Wanna Make Happen!!
7. Just How long Has Dj Millz been in the Game!
I Been Djing Since I Was13 Years Old, Djing At Parties That Were 21 & Up lol, Putting out mixtapes in middle school lol, Its always been in me even when I didnt know!!!!
8. What inspired you to do Hoody Season I always wanted to know?
I Love Hoodies, When Anyone Always See Me In the streets, events, and clubs I keep a hoodie on and before the winter came I felt like that was a great time to drop it known folks would be wearing hoodies, but with the title I just spelled it my way, with some ebonics lol!!!!
9. My readers found out I was doing a interview with you...they wanted to know about ya fashion? What is Millz style!
I Like Akademiks, Polo, parish, Im a Louie V Guy, Jordans, chuck taylors, Air Force Ones, I Really got My own Style, I Like Stuff Because I Like It ,Not Cause Its Hott Right Then and everybody on it!!!
10. Who would you like to work with in The future and why?
I Would Have To Say YMCMB As a first choice because I see the empire being built, the family bond, and I fucks with Baby for the boss that he is and he respect the youngins for what they already have going on, you just able to really be a great backing for a guy like me, MMG, also I,see the same, Rick Ross has the same mindframe when it comes to business and known how it is when u really looking for that extra push that will help you be where You deserve to be as well as it being,benifitcial, if You have been putting in work, gaining your own fanbase or crowd of people who love and respect what you do, and become loyal followers!!! Far as Djs In The Game Ill say, Dj Smallz, Dj Drama, Bigga Rankin and Dj Scream Just because they are the Djs I feel really set the standards for what route djs should be going in this day and time!!!
Give a special thank you to DJ Millz I know I might have drove you crazy with this interview!!! And it was a long time coming! But never the less thank you for your time!! And the next time I am in ATL I will make the time to come to the see the man behind the hustle!
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